Saturday, September 26, 2009

I am totally baking this afternoon!

If you're not aware already, our house is in a constant state of remodel and upgrade. Only weeks ago did we finishing ripping up carpet that we started pulling up almost a year ago. It's difficult to do anything with a one-year-old on your hands, and since we try to be DIYers our time scale is s...l...o...w. We take our time (accumulating funds) and recruit lots of help for our projects that don't cost more than our great company ;) Except for the installation of our new AC, my father-in-law is usually present for anything we tackle. And we couldn't thank him enough.

Anyway, this past week we added a new ceiling fan to our new old bedroom and I am forever grateful for its installation. I am totally a fan sleeper, and need at least the noise to lull me to sleep every night. Since we moved rooms three weeks ago, we've been fanless so I had to rely on Becks' monitor to channel his noisemaker noise into our room. It worked well, but now I have noise and a breeze. Perfection.

Several months ago I talked about our Granmother Range. Besides pop out chocolate chip cookies and meatloaf, her main objective in our kitchen was to really enhance the ugly. And that she did. I don't think any other appliance could pull off Harvest Gold quite like she could. She provided us with two years of great service, along with the 30+ that she gave to the previous owner(s). However, it is with great glee sadness that I inform you of her passing. She bit the dust and left us for that Great Gas Range in the Sky about a month and a half ago. Fortunately, we've supplemented by grilling out and just decided to wait to purchase a new one until fall rolled around.
In the meantime, B's parents decided to gift us this beauty as an early Christmas present! We were so pumped! And while she hardly fits into our waaaaay dated kitchen, she adds a little glimmer of hope for what's to come. Visions of stainless steel dance in my head...

Anyway, hope y'all are having a fantastic Saturday! Go Cats & Wolverines!

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