Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Speidi, KCav, & and Whit...OH MY!!!!!

Image borrowed from The Insider.

It is gloomy outside today. The kind of gloomy that really makes you want to do nothing but simmer autumn potpourri on the stove, drink hot tea, and mull over how delicious both are. I am also pouring over the latest Better Homes & Gardens and MS Living for fall decorating ideas.

Becks is napping {thank the Lord} and I'm repeating a dinner we had recently again tonight, completely understanding why the Diva has this dish repeated on her monthly menu. I tell you what, BFFs, you truly are a source of inspiration for me.

Speaking of Mr. B, that child is really testing my patience lately. He has learned the word no. And uses it frequently. It's very entertaining to see him developing into this headstrong little man, no-no-ing us as he protests being picked up or defiantly pointing to the electrical outlets while repeating this phrase. I actually think he thinks they're called no-nos.

All things electronic are still of great interest to him, and not a day goes by that he doesn't snatch our cell phones and dial insane number combinations and babble to the Verizon lady as she says, Your call cannot be completed as dialed. We've managed to lose three of the four remotes that we have for the downstairs TV. And by lose, I'm mean completely disappear without a trace. They're not even in the deepest depths of the couch cushions or in the toy bins. Completely lost. This is very frustrating when we want to adjust the volume, which now must be done manually on the actual TV. Ah, we are a world of convenience...

Lastly, while the outdoors may be cold and gloomy, my mood is not because...

Oh, sorry, got a little excited. Had to erase twelve a couple exclamation points there, lest you think I'm even slightly obsessed with either of these shows. Which I'm not. At all. I would never plan to "work at school" tonight around 10pm so that I could take advantage of their cable TV while "prepping my room" for tomorrow. Nope. That wouldn't be me.

Come back tomorrow {or tonight if I feel like posting} so that we can dish about these not-favorite shows of mine, mmmkay?

[That's not me you hear singing Unwritten as I type. Promise.]

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