Friday, November 20, 2009

Cheers for Tripp!!

Hooray!     Praise the Lord!   God is Good!

Tripp slept from 11pm-3am, then I changed his booty and he went right back to sleep. Then slept from 3:15-6:30, I suctioned him and he went right back to sleep until 8am!! THEN, I laid him in my bed to play, and he went back to sleep until about 10:30! Of course, I was awake, so I got some things done around the house. It felt nice. I actually got to brush my teeth before 10:00... haha.
I felt so rested this morning, I didn't know what to do with myself! I even put on make-up!! I KNOW- crazy, huh?
He does have a WHOLE lot of junk in there this morning and I've been suctioning often, but having a night's sleep makes it a lot easier to get through the day. And that's just morning junk that he will probably have all the time... so it's okay.
Last night he was SO content we almost wanted to cry! He was just sitting with us, and he's never looked so calm and so content before. He wasn't smiling, but was just hanging out with Mommy and Daddy. Then, we laid him in bed and he went right to sleep. What an angel.
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you God. And thank YOU for all of your prayers. Hopefully things are starting to get a little better and slow down a bit.

This morning when I laid him in my bed and he was passed out and he started smiling so big that you could see his little top teeth! Boy what I wouldn't give to know what he was dreaming about. It was so sweet. And yes, I caught it on camera. What kind of Mommy would I be if I didn't! Ha.

Oh, and I want to thank my wonderful husband for his very sweet blog. Without you, baby... I couldn't do it. You keep me positive everyday. And though we have had some rough months lately, we've pushed through and have both become better people because of them. I love you.
You're my hero.

Here's some more recent pics...

Here he is reading his first book.
Daddy doesn't believe that he is really reading... but we have practiced, he is reading... really. Ha.

Tummy Time... Get a picture quick because it won't last long!

His new Christmas friend, a Penguin-deer.

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