Monday, November 2, 2009

Home SWEET Home...

We are HOME... Finally.  And it's never felt so good.  The little things you appreciate... like your OWN bed instead of a brick hard ICU couch.  I have never loved our little house so much before.  Tripp is doing amazing.  I know I've said this before, but I could say it a million times... he is our little miracle baby.  I don't know how he does it.  I was so worried about getting "my baby" back.  And now, I not only have my baby back, but he's happier than before.. smiling all the time.  The only thing that stinks is that I can't hear him cooing or don't know if he's laughing out loud or not.  We have a follow up appointment with Dr. Rodriguez (ENT) in 3 weeks and she is going to get speech to evaluate Tripp for the speaking valve.  Which is a little device that goes on the end of his trach and will let him breathe through the trach and out his mouth, so we can hear him.  He will have to "learn" how to use it though, so speech will need to make sure he can move enough air to be able to use it.  

Tripp's first Halloween was spent in the hospital... didn't see that one coming.  Daddy couldn't stand not to have him dressed up, so he went to WalMart and got him a monkey costume... because I thought the skunk was pretty cruel.  We had to take him on a "GO" trip before we could leave the hospital, so we would be prepared to use all of our own equipment when we got home.  So we took him down to the hotel that is in the hospital.  It had a big atrium with a little water fountain.  He was a good boy.  We got to practice using our portable suction machine out and about.  It was nice to get to take him somewhere just Randy and I, even though we only stayed about 30 minutes, because Randy was ready to get back so we could go home.  Here's our little monkey...

I'm home, I 'm home.... Can we stay for a while??

All smiles.

If you're wondering how I am doing... I think I'm okay.  I was pretty stressed out yesterday when we got home and I had to set up all of his equipment, and find a spot for all of his new supplies.  But we ended up having a pretty good night.  Hopefully each day will get better and I will get as comfortable with his trach as I am with the skin and the G-tube.  I am doing a lot better emotionally than I thought I would be.  I think it's because he has been such a good baby and smiling all the time.  I'm sure that helps.  Please say some prayers that it stays this way.  God Bless all of you who follow us and pray for us.  We are so blessed.

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