Monday, November 2, 2009

If you like to talk to tomatoes...

...if a squash can make you smile....

Have we got a costume for you!

Can you guess what Becks and B were for Halloween?

That's right. We had our very own Veggie Tales ensemble trick-or-treating from house to house on the 31st. They were quite a cute pair. I just played the ole Abbaratzi, shooting photos like it was my job. I present to you, Bob the Tomato:

Surely, he's making a phone call to some fellow produce. His father, perhaps? Er, Larry the Cucumber, I mean.Bob was super-pumped about the picture, you can see. But, while posing for pics wasn't his thing, riding in the wagon up the street was totally fun.

Trick-or-treating with a sixteen month is the equivalent of chasing a ping pong ball. He. Was. Everywhere. Even stopping once to jump into a pile of leaves while en route to another house. We made it a dozen or so homes before we decided the night would be better spent in the confines of his grandparents' house noshing on sweets.

Oh, by the way, I totally made the costumes. Both of them for $12.77. I thought they turned out cute, and for something they were only going to wear once it wasn't a bad deal.

And, in case you wondered who we trick-or-treated with, that would be Princess Jasmine and her tiger, Raja.

Also, in other completely random news, the boy child has found love in a purple dinosaur whose name begins witha Bar and ends with a ney. The picture below emphasizes the joy that watching that show brings to him, so I guess I'll let him continue to snack while PBSing. Especially since it buys me 5 minutes to do something other than watch my little ping pong ball bounce all over the house.

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