Saturday, November 21, 2009

More Pictures

Ok, so I guess EVERY night can't be great.  Last night was rough again!  I saw the 2 o'clock hour about 5 times and then at least every hour after that.   He seemed to have a really bad cough last night and was making a lot of noise through his mouth instead of the trach which is unusual.  I'm hoping that it's maybe that scratchy cough you get when you're at the end of a cold.  Just being optimistic.  He was up a little more today than yesterday, so maybe tonight will be better.  If not, I'll just enjoy the good nights that I do get... even if they are once a month.  My whole family came over today.  It was nice.  MeMe and had to go pick up Paw Paw Carey from the airport, and they'll be over tomorrow.  Paw Paw Moose is coming to see Tripp in the morning too.  Then tomorrow will be the Saint's game!! How about those Tigers?  I think we were back luck because I put Tripp's LSU outfit on.  O well, it was cute.

Nanny, Mommy, Tripp, and Uncle Jason

We went outside for a while yesterday... the weather was so nice, but there were a lot of mosquitoes.
He got to put his feet in the clovers!

This may not look like a smile,  but it's his new smile these days...

Well, time for bed.  Hoping and praying for a good and restful night!

( P.S. Jonah, I hope you ate good again today, buddy! Keep up the good work! We love you!)

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