Sunday, November 15, 2009

You're not EVEN going to believe it...

Do you know what the best part of my weekend was? (Besides making pumpkin muffins with sweet precious AND finding a new obsession AND seeing my *SISTER* and BFF...) That it's NOT OVER yet.

That's right. I am taking a personal day tomorrow, and I'm pretty sure the hallelujah chorus just played somewhere when I typed that. The upcoming week is completely worthy of tagging an extra day onto my weekend. Why? So glad you asked.


Five hours, y'all. That's five hours of telling parents how wonderful their children are while tactfully explaining that Junior sometimes picks his nose and eats his shoelaces during floor time. Despite my gift of gab, that's a lot of talking. So, my personal day is to prep my vocal chords for the big event. And to read New Moon.

Oh, you didn't hear me? No, no, clean out your ears. You definitely didn't hear me say that I was going to spend part of my day tomorrow in desperate search of a book that relates to vampire romance. I do not for a second think that that would be remotely appealing, and I most certainly didn't spend the greater part of Thursday, Friday, and Saturday obsessing over Bella and Edward.

Who are Bella and Edward? I do not even know them.


It's sick you all, I know. I do not know how it happened. One second I'm anti-vampires and refusing to read a book that has anything to do with bloodsucking, and the next the teachers at school are force-feeding me this crazy book called Twilight that I neglected all my weekend chores for. And I am now clearly obsessed and there is no clean laundry at my house because when I wasn't baking pumpkin muffins with my son or eating Chinese food at my parents' house, I was on the couch READING ABOUT VAMPIRES.

The library shows that there are no copies of New Moon available in our county. So, I'm just going to have strap Becks in the stroller and hide in Borders for eight hours straight so I don't have to buy it. Because I'm desperate to read it, but I'm being ridiculously frugal and refuse to buy it when there are that many free copies available but I'm to impatient to wait.

Because I MUST know what happens next.

I told you, it's sick.

And don't go giving away any of the upcoming events. I can't tell you how thrilling it is that there are three more books and two movies left to see that entail my new guilty pleasure.

Also, Mama Faith, I totally take back any comment I left on your blog chiding you about reading it. My sincere apologies. Let's be Twilight Friends Forever.

Another also: my real life BFF moved into a new home and I got to see her and it today. This girl could be the next Nester and her cabinet painting adventure warrants exposure on Young House Love. Allison, pleeeeeease come and style my house. Pretty please?

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