Monday, January 25, 2010


  • Vienna: I thought she was going tonight, y'all. This is a TV show, and I'm allowed to have favorites and she's just not one of them. Prediction: She will continue to wear excessive eye makeup and maybe they'll finally get her a highlight. {I can say that because, admittedly, I'm a bottle blonde and need an update too.}
  • Love Corrie and Tenley. Prediction: Both make it to parent's weekend.
  • Ali: She wears an exceptional amount of yellow and reminds me of someone that I can't put my finger on. I'm disappointed in her sudden cattiness and obsession with getting Vienna voted out. Which I think is evidence that her heart is not Jake's - because if it was she'd focus more on him and less on Vi. Prediction: she goes next week.
  • Gia: Talks like a baby. Made Jake carry her like a baby in the midst of the cornfield or wherever the heck they were. Prediction: Next week she'll have a bottle and a binky.
  • Jessie, Ashleigh, Kathryn, Ella: It wasn't meant to be. Bon voyage.
  • I would have to go with the rose ceremony as my favorite 40 minutes from the show. They know how to drag it out, don't they? And I really thought Vi was gonna go. Way to go ABC, I was fooled enough to hang on until the very end.

Can't wait for next week! Remember to use the hashtag #ATFT in your tweets and then follow that link to the page where you can see all of us tweeting together. Too fun!

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