Tuesday, January 26, 2010

PSA: Go Forth and Be Thrifty...

I know. Fourth post of the day. But this one is worthy because everyone needs a good deal, especially on quality children's clothes. So, this is my Public Service Announcement to all moms and those who shop for little ones.


The ENTIRE winter/fall line is on clearance for $2.99!!!!! Everything! (Okay, with the exception of puffer jackets which are $9.99, but that is literally the ONLY exception.)

Please note, these deals are different from those currently online - you MUST go to the store to get these deals. The deals online are MORE EXPENSIVE. Promise - I checked!

For all 22 items pictured above, I spent $56 (including tax)! Regularly $265.99! I bought Becks an entire winter/fall wardrobe for fall/winter 2010, with a couple items for baby showers too - that's why you see pink. Don't get any ideas, I might have the baby bug, but I'm sure as heck not acting on it!

Anyway, go first thing tomorrow. The sale started today and the sales lady said she expects to be cleared out before the weekend. (And, no, I'm not being paid by TCP to endorse this! I just love a good deal!)

I'll leave you with the resident bread thief modeling his peace sign jammies and new crazy hat. Presh.

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