Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Prayers for Jonah

Hey guys... as you know already (if you read Patrice's blog)  Jonah is due to have his feeding tube placed tomorrow.  Please join me in saying LOTS of extra prayers.... for Jonah, Matt and Patrice, the doctors, the nurses, the anesthesiologists, and anyone having to do with the surgery.  I know from lots of experience how hard it is to trust your baby with EB in the hands of anyone else.  It is terrifying.  Please pray that Matt and Patrice have the courage and the strength to get through this and be strong for Jonah.  We already know that Jonah is a tough little cookie and he will pull through anything.  I pray that everything goes EXTRA well and that Jonah and his Mommy and Daddy will get to have TONS of snuggle time instead of struggling to feed him.  I know Tripp's g-tube was a blessing... and I'm hoping that is the same case for Jonah.  WE LOVE YOU BUDDY!!  Be strong, you will be GREAT!
And we love you too, Patrice and Matt!  And will be thinking of you ALL day tomorrow!  Check out Patrice's blog and read the paper she wrote up for the doctors with the help of all the EB Mommies who have been in and out of the Operating Room.  It's awesome... I think EVERY hospital should have this list!!


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