Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Tripp's eye and Meg's Online Avon Event

We made a trip back to the doctor yesterday.  He said that the contact looks like it's in place but they couldn't stain the eye to see if there was an abrasion because the contact was already in.  Both of his eyelids are still swollen and red and his eye is constantly watering those big crocodile tears.  I got kind of frustrated with the doctors because they started acting like I just want to take Tripp to the doctor for fun.  They kind of insinuated that "nothing was wrong" there was just a little inflammation.  But they don't have to take him home and watch how miserable he is.  Don't get me wrong, I'm glad they think it's just a little "inflammation" but I know my son inside and out.... I pray they are right and it's not infected.  Because it's sure looking in that direction.

So anyway, his eye is the same.  He now has contacts in both, but his right eyelids are swollen and red.  The doctor wants to change out the contacts every 2 weeks.  Poor Tripp.  UNLESS the eye is healed.  Then we will try him without them.  That would be nice.

I found out this morning that baby angel Leah's Mom, Meg, will be hosting an online event to raise funds for EB through her online Avon store.  She is going to donate all of her earnings for the next month or so in honor of Tripp for his big birthday celebration.  Here's the direct link to her post.  Please check out her website and visit her online store!  The proceeds will be donated to help find a cure for EB!  Thanks, Meg!!  You're the greatest!

Here are a few pics of this past week/weekend and then a few of him this morning with his bo-bo eye, still smiling like a precious angel!!
Pat-a-caking with Daddy

Fell asleep mid-bath. 

Beautiful toes...

Smiling sweet with that poor eye... 

Oh, and I did not forget about your questions... I want to make sure everyone gets a chance to think some up :)

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