Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Brittany's Wedding

So, my sister got married last weekend!!  It was absolutely beautiful... 
I thought I would share the pictures with you.  It was in New Orleans. The rehearsal dinner was at Broussard's on Conti Friday night and then the wedding was at the Elms Mansion on St. Charles Ave.  We stayed at the Royal Sonesta on Bourbon both nights.  Tripp was a complete angel.  It was a great time.  Randy's mom (MeMe) and Paw Paw Carey watched him for us Friday night for the Rehearsal Dinner, and then kept him inside during the wedding for us and let us have a good time... I am forever grateful to them for that!  A fun night was looooong overdue.  So, here they are. 

Friday night Rehearsal Dinner.
My Sis and new Bro-in-law

Mom, Britt, Me

Britt's new fam...

Randy and I.

The cousins.

My last night to hang with my "single sister"

Getting ready the day of.
Tripp was such a good boy!
Looooved the attention!

And the wedding...

Randy and Meme watching with Tripp from inside...

And..... The KING.

Hope you enjoyed! 


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