Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Eye Doctor Day=We all need some sedatives!!!

Here it goes... Today was Tripp's eye appointment.  We were supposed to be going in to get both of the contacts taken out and to get 2 new ones put in (you cannot imagine how totally AWFUL this process is).  I had nervous stomach all morning.  There is no way to describe what he has to go through to have this done- but I will try my hardest.  First, I want to tell you that I have tried everything in my power to get some type of conscious sedation.  But the doctor said that it can't be done in the "office."  Tripp's pediatrician, Dr. Lisa Defusco... (who has been awesome from day one) even called the ICU doctor at Ochsner to try and get some kind of "anesthesia" for him so that he wouldn't have to go through this every month (or every time the contacts come out).  But right now, nothing has happened- so we had to go to our appointment and I guess just "suck it up" another time.

When the doctor first comes in, he takes a look at his eyes (for this part, Tripp is the best angel baby in the whole wide world- he just looks at him with the light shining in his eyes and smiles).  When he looked, he said he could see the contact in the left eye, but he didn't see the one in the right eye (which is his bad eye- the one with the big blister on it).  Before go on, I want to tell you that the actual doctor has never had to put the contacts in his eyes before- it's always been the resident that is there who does it.  I love this doctor- he is very concerned and has been very accommodating to us since day one, BUT I was very happy that he was going to be the one who was going to try and replace the contact this time (because he's never seen HOW traumatic the situation really is).  Maybe next time he will try a little harder to get some type of sedative for him, or agree to do the change-outs in the OR.

SO, he decided that we would leave the left eye alone, since it looks good- but he wanted to check the right eye and see if the contact was still in and if so, then change it out.  Usually they just do the procedure right there in the exam room with him on my lap holding him down (well, with 3 of us holding him down).  But today, he wanted to bring him back into the procedure room where there was a padded table to lay him on.  Ok, now get this- they tell me I can't go back there with him.   HA HA HA HA HA.  So, there have not been many times that I've left my child alone- and this was not going to be one of them.  I told them I was going no matter what- where HE goes, MOMMY goes.  They didn't give a fight at all.

So we laid him down on the table (I will not even discuss what went on with one of the residents and I, because I will probably say something not nice).  See, the problem is THIS- If this was your child, would you let three people hold him down while he gets SO upset that he has trouble breathing and starts turning a tad bit blue??  Not to mention the fact that HOLDING him down while he's trying his hardest to push you away, causes FRICTION.  And friction in EB=blisters.  Or the fact that it's 400 degrees in those exam rooms and he's sweating BEFORE you even start holding him down.  Heat and sweating in EB= blisters.  (Just so ya know.) Get him some DARN sedation, already!!!

Anyway... enough of my rampage.  The first time we hold him down, they put the speculum in and he takes a Q-tip and digs through his eye to find the contact.  It was still in there (which I was almost certain of, because if not he would have had such an abrasion that he wouldn't be able to open his eye).  So he gets it out.  Then the second time we hold him down, he puts the speculum in and tries to get the contact in.  No success.  So we let him rest, then the resident who is here this month (whom I LOOOOOOVE- he is so kind and so gentle with Tripp) comes in to help.  So the THIRD time we hold him down they finally get it in.  All I could think about was them taking my baby in this room without me in here.  Why would they even WANT to do that.  By this time, he is sweating bullets and can hardly catch his breath.  It is heart wrenching to watch.  Ok, this may be vulgar, but this is for anyone who has never seen a speculum in an eye.  I just want to show you what's looking up at me while this is going on.
(FYI: this is NOT Tripp's eye. Ha)
Sorry for that... just wanted to give you an idea.  Anyway, on a brighter note.... I have the cutest, smartest, funniest baby in the whole world.  O my goodness, he is such a blessing.  Every day he gets cuter and smarter and funnier!!! I could just eat him up.  I just don't understand how a child that is going through so much on a day to day basis can possibly be this good.  Thank you, God... for my little miracle. 

My little eye roller (which we highly discourage now that the contacts are in)... 
but sometimes he just feels the need, I guess.

Oh, and PS... I wanted to thank everyone for their comments and wanted to answer you guys about probiotics.  He had been on the probiotics for a few months... and then for some reason I had stopped them (don't ask why... negligent mother, I guess!)  But I started them back about 3 days into the "diarrhea episode."  So hopefully that helped a little.  And from now on, he will stay on them, no matter what.  But I don't know if they would have helped the diarrhea or not... I guess we will see if there is a next time!!  Thanks you guys!!


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