Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Rain. Blech.

These guys are the only ones benefitting from today's weather. Rain is falling, falling, falling. And I desperately need some sun because of this weekend's festivities. Which will be blogged about at a later date.

Yesterday, however was splendid. Sunlight streamed down from a Toy-Story-esque sky and made us leave the house for the park without even taking our jammies off. Well, I changed of course, but Becks was perfectly fine to toddle around in his striped bottoms.
All the sun exposure is causing him to turn into quite the little toe-head. Though bull-headed might be a better description of his attitude as of late. I was quite beside myself in the middle of The Dollar Tree today when he refused to put away a ball he grabbed from a shelf. When I asked him to return it, he chucked it out of the aisle and I as I scrambled after it, he grabbed yet another and giggled uncontrollably while I frantically chased ball after ball. All in all, five balls made their escape from aisle two before I decided that the teachable moment was lost and opted to gather them quickly before he created a potential safety hazard. We left the store promptly, I flicked his hand and tried to explain his "naughty" behavior. He responded by trying to "throw the flick" off of his hand. Funny.

Also, if anyone is looking to squander $60 at Barnes and Noble, don't read the return policy (14 days!) and refrain from returning your books during that time. {Backstory: I ordered textbooks from Amazon, panicked when they didn't arrive in a timely manner, searched B&Ns all over the tristate area and bought them. In the mean time, the books arrived *cheaper* from Amazon, life got way busy with the end of school and grad school courses, failure to read the return policy resulted in a doh! moment.} Fortunately, they offered a gift card and Becks got to check out the Thomas train table and everyone was almost happy. I am sure I can find something to buy there, even if it's a skinny frappucino from the in-house Starbucks :)

For the record, I have checked absolutely zilch off of my summer to do list today. The rain really holds things up, as I want to do little more than sip coffee and watch something on the DVR. Which I love, by the way. One day I will wonder what life was like for the four years we spent without cable...

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