Wednesday, June 2, 2010


It is June. June 2010. Which means I have a two-year-old in t-minus 25 days and that the year is halfway over. I feel like every post I write could include some reference to how quickly times seems to pass these days. It is motherhood? Age? A combo of both? I'm not sure but it's kind of scary.

Our summer kicks into full gear at 11:41am this Friday when I bid my kinderergarteners adieu. But I will see them all again. I will be their first grade teacher! I accepted a position last week to teach first grade and I'm looping. And for you non-education folk, that means that I am taking my current group of students to the next grade. Which is very exciting for me because I love my class and watching them grow over two years is going to be pretty neat. We'll see how I feel this time next year ;) I am lucky to have TWO in-house first grade teachers to learn from and steal borrow ideas from (hi Aunt Deb & Aunt Cindy!), so I feel like it's already in my blood. If you teach first grade, feel free to email me with ideas. I'd love to hear them!

Between now and mid-July our weekends are packed full. Weddings, vacations, holidays, grad school, moving classrooms, and spending lots of time at the pool will keep us plenty busy. Plus, since I'm working fulltime in the fall, I want to devote as much time as possible to Becks. So, blogging has to take a back burner. It's hard to devote creative energy to blogging when I'm already spread thin doing a zillion other things. I'll try to check in often and still blogstalk daily, but I can't guarantee to post regularly. I hope you'll continue to read and comment. I really do enjoy connecting with you all!

Happy Wednesday :)

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