Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Summer needs an extra month.

Summer has escaped me.

As July packs away it's parades and sparklers, August swiftly opens school doors and blows my teacher hat squarely atop my head. Four weeks from today, as a matter of fact, I will greet a squirrely group of first-graders clad in squeaky new shoes and clutching plastic superhero lunch boxes to their chests ready for all-day instruction, lunch, and daily recess. And they won't be the only ones adjusting to a seven hour school day.
Having the good fortune to spend the past two years teaching part-time, half-day kindergarten has been a dream. Becks and I still got to spend a good part of the day together and I never missed a milestone. And while I am truly excited to teach first grade, it is a bittersweet transition as I leave my little guy in the hands of another caregiver while I work. Something I never thought I would do. However, and this is a great big HOWEVER, the new babysitter is pretty stinkin' fabulous with Beck and he absolutely adores this person. I will have no trouble leaving for the day. I will introduce him/her to you soon :) We're also getting ready to go through a big life change in the Babbling Household, so that's on the horizon too. Stay tuned...

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