Thursday, September 23, 2010

Goodwill Hunting: Thrifty Finds

Goodwill Hunting = Posts pertaining to my adventures in thrifting.

In something very un-BabblingAbby like, I bought 4 pairs of brand new shoes on last night. I know, I can't even believe I did it. But, in my defense, they were buy one get one 50% off, I've been on the hunt for non-Ugg boots, and pre-worn shoes kinda skeeve me out in a toe fungus kind of way. I'm certainly not opposed to wearing thrifted shoes if the proper conditions are met (i.e. barely worn, no toe fungus), but haven't found any worthy of purchase before. {FYI: I bought two pairs of boots and two pairs of flats - with skinny jeans and fall weather in mind.}

Which brings me to tonight. Chels, Sophie, and I decided to hit up our fav Goodwheel (as Soph calls it) with little more than pocket change to spare. Literally.
I brought my camera for photographic proof of our adventures because it is totally normal for people to take pictures outside and inside of a thrift store, no?
I turned the camera over to my fav niece for this pic, and I think she did a rather stellar job. As evidenced by the pics, after school, it's all about ponytails and leggings for me.
We snatched up some Polos for B, though I only ended up getting the blue striped one. Becks, too, wears a lot of RL Polo and it's all thrifted - either from Goodwill, yard sales, or St. Vinny's. I love their classic appeal and their durability. And don't you think I spend more than a buck or so on each because I refuse. That way, when he muds it all up playing in the mulch or sand or whatever I don't have to rip it off of him or distinguish between nice clothes and play clothes. Anyway.Then I told Soph I wanted some red shoes, so she helped me look through the racks of toe fungus and pulled out every pair of red shoes she could find. All were a definite no. And then, the Heavens parted and shined a glorious stream of light onto these babies and I let out an enormous STOP.THE.WORLD.

Are those slouchy, brown, brand new cowboyish boots IN MY SIZE?!

Um, yes. Yes, they are.

Oddly enough, they are from Target! I die.

And, get this: THEY WERE $10. Let me repeat: STOP.THE.WORLD.
I was content to leave after that, but continued to peruse the aisles to no avail. Well, I did buy three new breakfast bowls because, I kid you not, our's have disappeared into oblivion. Or the garbage. Who knows.

So, after Chels dropped $5.35 in change...

And Sophie dropped to the floor in a pouty fit over us not buying her a pink Beanie Baby flamingo...
We posed with our wares...

And our thrifty adventure was over for the day. Success.

{I've had a lot of questions/comments pertaining to Goodwilling, so I'll do a how-to post sometime in the future! TGIF!}

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