Thursday, October 28, 2010

Early Potty Training

I have recently been coming across many articles on Elimination Communication. This is basically 'infant potty training' except that it is you as a parent responding to the cues of your child the same way as you do when they are hungry. Thats right - the newborn baby doesn't wear a diaper!!! They 'go potty' from the very beginning! At first, I didn't believe it. Then as I continued to read about it, the more it made sense and now I just find it down right intriguing! I'm not sure if it is something I will ever attempt but it has led me to believe that just maybe our children can be trained earlier then what we think.

As well, I've read bits and pieces of 'The Baby Whisperer' by Tracy Hogg in which she advocates early potty training being easier and better for both parent and child.

So today I bought a potty for my 13 month old (Its smaller and more apporpriate then the one we had for Piper) and I'm going to give it a whirl! Who knows what will come of this early attempt but I do know I have a little girl on my hands who is VERY interested in her sister's trips to the bathroom. Why not take advantage of that? Plus, I'd like to use some of the methods they use with EC while incorporating baby signs. I found this article that suggested that using signs aids in the whole potty training adventure!

Time will tell how this will all turn out but I'm excited to try! I'll keep you posted!

Taitum was so excited about her first time on a potty! (Yes, this is a happy/goofy face NOT a screaming/get me off of this thing face!)

Following her sister's example <3

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