Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Honorary Captain Tripp

We met the nicest people yesterday.  
Mandy M. Lovett, her husband Michael, and their friend Brad came to visit us.  
I had never met any of them before today, but now feel like I've known them for years.  
Mandy is from Destrehan, La and is a friend of a friend.  She said she fell in love with Tripp from the day she started reading the blog.  We've kept in contact the past year through email and she would send us cards in the mail, but had never met until today.  
And for some reason, I feel like God sent her to me for a reason.
She's kind of like an angel :)
Mandy got to watch us do bath, while Michael and Brad went to pick up pizza for us.  
They brought Tripp the cutest Bulid-a-bear monkey and a big basket of goodies for me. 
I have a point, I promise:)
Michael and Brad are Firefighters for the Jefferson Parish Fire Department and the Kenner Fire Department.  
Their last "gift" melted my heart.  I was literally in tears.  
They presented Tripp with a firefighter helmet that they had cleaned up especially for him. 
They had signed it, written a very sweet quote on it, and also put the roman numeral "III" on it to represent Tripp.
Brad explained to us how he had come to know about Tripp through Mandy and Michael and that he showed the JPFD my blog and they were watching Tripp's videos.  
He went on to say that all firefighters look to their "Captain" as being a role model and someone who has "been through it all."  He said that Tripp was their inspiration when they thought that the days were just "too hard." 
They made Tripp an Honorary Captain :)
He said that all the FFs had put the "III" symbol on their helmets to remind them of Tripp. 
How cool is that?
Firefighters are our HEROES, right?  They risk their lives everyday for others.  They are brave, strong, and courageous.  
And here are two firefighters that are coming to our house telling me that Tripp is their inspiration and that they think of Tripp as a "Captain."  
It literally gives me the chills.  
And there's more.  
Brad said his Captain (who has been Captain for 20 years) wanted to give his badge to Tripp.  
He GAVE his badge to Tripp.  
People continue to amaze me.
I cried.  and cried.  

Brad, Mandy, me & Tripp, and Michael

Mandy, Michael, and Brad... I enjoyed your visit so much. 
I will never be able to tell you how much today meant to me.  
And a huge thank-you to the Jefferson Parish Fire Department- you guys made my day.

People are AMAZING.
If Tripp only knew how he was changing the world...
 one by one. 


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