Monday, December 27, 2010

I'm Rebelicious!

I'm going to have to start referring to my life in B.C. and A.D. from this point forward...

As in, life before CANON and after DSL-R!  Ah!

I had absolutely positively NO IDEA that B's parents would be getting me us a REBEL for Christmas!  I was about 12 kinds of excited! If y'all thought I was the in-your-face-snapping-pics-kinda-gal before, oh let me just tell you.    I love her.  I think I'm going to call her Reba ;)

Anyway, my birthday {thanks for the wishes!} was wonderful and Christmas was spectacular. As every other parent of a child will profess, the holidays are just magical when you have a kiddo around.

Me and B pre-birthday date
Dinner at Bonefish with a Winter White Cosmo!  YUM.

On Christmas Eve, we exchanged gifts with B's family and attended our church's Christmas Eve service.  And, yes, my child chose an extremely inappropriate and quiet time to yell YAY! when one of our minister's was discussing the true meaning of Christmas with his daughter before the entire congregation.  Omiword, I was stifling laughter with much difficulty while trying to explain to him to be quiet.  Thank goodness it was a family-oriented service!

Following Christmas with B's family, we returned home to set out cookies, write a letter to Santa, and receive an early present from Santa...Christmas jammies for everyone!  Such a fun tradition to start.

Becks woke up on Christmas morning to Santa's sleigh bells, and  told us upon entering his room that The Polar Express was coming to get me!  {He looooooves that movie right now!} 

After a delightful Christmas morning at home, we ventured out to have Christmas with my side of the family.  We had a wonderful time. 

We had a very blessed Christmas and couldn't be more thankful for the very generous gifts we received.  

I hope that you had a terrific holiday and enjoy the last week of 2010!

Merry Christmas! 

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