Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Sharing Secrets...

Here are some silly secrets...

- I secretly keep one pacifier in my coat pocket, despite the fact that Becks hasn't taken one in a
month now. I'm holding onto it as a last little sentiment of my no-longer baby.

- I secretly fear that our computer is going to die any day.  And I haven't backed up one picture or file.  There are thousands of pictures saved to our harddrive, and more school-related documents than I'd care to imagine.

-  I secretly miss the drama of The Hills, Jersey Shore, and Teen Mom16 and Pregnant just isn't cutting it for me this season.

-  I secretly want another pair of Uggs for Christmas.  Grey, knit ones with buttons.
-  I secretly have the desire to move.  Which totally isn't going to happen.  But I shop real estate frequently.

-  I secretly have an extremely messy desk at school, usually piled a foot high with paperwork.  Somedays, when it gets really bad, I just toss the whole stack and pray that I didn't throw away anything important.

-  I secretly am longing for a snow day. 

-  I secretly hate getting ready.  Showering, putting on makeup, fixing my hair = a wasted hour.

-  I secretly have a gobzillion eyeshadows and use about 5 of them on a regular basis.  I save them for the what-ifs.  What if I buy a lime green ______ and need lime green eyeshadow to match?

-  I secretly am a major grad school slacker.  Other things take precedence. 

-  I secretly ate four left-over empanadas today.  2 for lunch, 2 for dinner.  Yum.

-  I secretly am sick of typing the word secretly.  I've said it so much in my head, it's starting to not sound like a real word anymore!

Any secrets you want to share  today?

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