Friday, December 31, 2010

The Last Post of 2010

This crazy-busy life of ours has been totally ordinary lately.  I love it.  I probably tell B that too often, how much I enjoy being at home all day, spending time with Becks and doing house stuff.  I'm giving him a complex about me working and him being at school.  Which is totally not my intention. I just love being at home, and honestly, I'm a whole lot nicer in general when I don't have to stress about school stuff. {You wouldn't believe it, I haven't even so much as thought about teaching next week.  I haven't planned or even visited my classroom since before break.  And you know what I say about that: yay for me!  I just wanted to enjoy my time with these boys of mine.  And I have.}

The weather is bunches warmer and the snow finally melted away yesterday.  Becks and I took the opportunity to get outside.  He decided he wanted to be a fleece polar bear pj pants wearin' kinda fire fighter.  And I let him. 

He found a twigish branch in someones yard and insisted on carrying it home.  While riding his bike.  He said it was a reindeer antler.  It dose kind of resemble the one that the Grinch used to tie on top of his dog, no?

We also water colored yesterday.  And Becks became rather disenchanted when he splashed some water on the kitchen floor.  It was kind of cute how upset he was!

In other ordinary life-isms...

Becks and B play the guitar before bed...

I've written and mailed thank-you notes!  This is a huge plus for me.  I'm not the best thanker.

And, apparently, The Wiggles drank a little too much egg nog and wrecked the Big Red Car under our living room chair.  I'm happy to report that Murray, Greg, Anthony, and Jeff are still, well, happy as they always are...

To end our year on an ordinary note, we're hanging out as a family and toasting with Capri Suns at midnight.   If we stay up that late.  Happy New Year!
This is the "Cheeeeeeese" smile :)

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