Thursday, December 2, 2010

Veggie Delight

Have you tried any of the vegetarian recipes from my last post on the subject? I hope so! And I hope you love them as much as I do! Today I have some more veggie filled dishes for you to try! This first one is a new found favorite - Sweet and Sour Tofu! It is SO good and has kid appeal in that it is filled with sweet pineapple. Also, Taitum is in love with the tofu since it is so soft and easy to chew! She usually picks through the dish to find the pieces of tofu and eats them first!

I also have recently gotten into my Deceptively Delicious cookbook that I received as a shower gift when Taitum was born. This is a cookbook of recipes in which you 'sneak' some vegetables into everything imaginable!

I decided to start with Mac and Cheese because my sister-in-law made it recently and it was amazing! I had been trying to find a good alternative to Kraft dinner since I refuse to serve it to my kids despite the fact that they loved the stuff. I had tried a recipe from which was OK but not quite the hit I was hoping it would be with the kids. After trying my SIL's, I was sure that this recipe would be what I was looking for! It involves adding pureed squash to it which of course blends right in with the cheese but since my kids don't really have any issues with eating veggies, I threw some broccoli in too! You can find the recipe here. Taitum really enjoyed it. Piper had a bit of a harder time but that likely had more to do with the fact that she knew we were going to the theatre to see 'Tangled' after supper was done....

Next, I tried some Applesauce Muffins. These too contain pureed squash. Both of my girls really enjoyed them and I especially like them because of the streusel topping!
Finally, the other day I made Chocolate Chip Cookies (with Chickpeas). Would you believe they are DELICIOUS! I used mint chocolate chips since I had some in the cupboard just calling my name! Matt says he can taste the chickpeas in them but I can't and if the girls can, they don't care! They've been gobbling them up!

Well, I hope at least one of these recipes peaks your interest! Let me know if you try one out and what you think about it!

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