Sunday, December 12, 2010

Weekend Holiday FUN!

Just a picture of The Cutest Boy Ever
What a fantastic weekend!  And I believe - am hoping, am praying - that it's going to turn into a 3-day weekend.  I have been clinging to every word the weatherman has uttered over the past 72 hours praying that white death does, in fact, dump 3-4 inches of snow overnight tonight.  As of right now, the storm has begun and it's flurrying furiously outside :)

We went downtown yesterday with B's parents and Becks had the most wonderful time.  We started off the day at Starbucks and Becks had a hot chocolate and I managed to avoid the 800 cal EggNog Latte in exchange for a skinny Peppermint Mocha instead ;)

These mini-hot cocoas are the best!  The perfect size for little ones!

Becks and his Papa M playing peekaboo.
Next, we went to see the trains and Beck, among other 2-year-olds, had a difficult time understanding that they had to wait in line 100 people deep to see the display.  When we finally made it to the viewing platform, he was in awe.  He would have watched for an hour if we'd let him. 
Next, it was off to the ice rink to see the skaters.  Becks really wanted to get on the ice, so B snuck him on for a minute or two sans skates.

We finished up the day with Becks' first official visit to see Santa at Macy's.  I truly believed he would NOT go sit in his lap.  However, he proved me entirely wrong and walked up to him with open arms.  He told Santa he wanted a tennis racket.  I was snapping pictures and - of all things - crying!  It was just such a moment.  I can't believe how big he is. 

This one melts my heart.  They're in deep discussion here.
Today, after church, Becks and I went Walmarting and were gifted Shrek ears {a promotional event for the release of Shrek 3}!  We wore them throughout the store and then had to snap a pic at home.

And, just so it's documented, here's my little B playing pretend with Alex, the misfit toy weiner dog who's missing his front two legs.  Please note that Alex has bandaids on each of his ears, right where Beckham put them.  Further, he is wearing mismatched jammies because we need clean clothes something desperate around these parts.  {Snowday = Laundry Day}

{PS.  Come back tonight for my First Grade Grinch Activities for the week!}

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