Wednesday, December 22, 2010

What I Love About You, Taitum

I love my kids. That's a given. They're mine and from the moment they were born, I fell utterly and completely in love with them. But I often like to take time to go beyond the "I'm your Mother so of course I love you" kind of love to the more specific things that I truly love about my children.

Today's post is for you, Taitum Jubilee....

I love all the silly faces you make but this one especially. I love when we take turns making all kinds of funny faces at each other!

I love when you blow kisses to me but I really love the messy, chocolatey kind!

I love how excited you get when you turn the light off or on. I love how you make the most common things so exciting!

I love how you throw your arms back when you do something new! I love to watch you learn new things and how proud you are of your new accomplishments!

OK, so sometimes this one can be a little yucky, depending on the situation, but I do think its adorable how you have to do a taste test for everything new that I show you!

I love how you sit so serenely at the livingroom window and watch the neighborhood. I love how you search for cats as you sit there and yell 'OW" when you spot one! I love that you enjoy the simple things in life.

I love watching you as you sleep, all cuddled up and warm with your bunny, Eggroll. I could watch you for hours, I love you so much!

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