Monday, February 14, 2011

A Love-filled Day!

Our Valentine's Day was, well, eventful! Here's the run down of our 'lovely' day!

These are the Valentine's the girls handed out to the family! I was so happy they worked out! I smile everytime I look at them! They were actually plan B - our first ones were flower lollipop Valentine's that ended up looking nothing like flowers! Even Piper said so! With no time to spare I remembered this idea I saw at The Idea Room and got to work! It took awhile to get the photo of Taitum but finally accomplished it by asking for high fives!

I made pink heart pancakes for the girls for breakfast. I had originally planned on using the pink pancake recipe from my Deceptively Delicious Cookbook but didn't want to have to buy pancake mix or ricotta cheese. Instead, I used this Whole Wheat Oatmeal Pancakes recipe and added some beet puree. They turned out well. Although Piper was not a fan, Taitum ate her own plus Piper's leftovers! You win some you lose some!

After brekky they opened their Valentines. The excitement of getting to do this was nearly equal to that of Christmas morning!

They got all dressed up in their Valentine shirts they made! I just love, love, love these two!

Lunch involved this pink hummus (an idea I got from Twigs and Toadstools but I used my own hummus recipe) with heart shaped pita bread...

And roasted red pepper and tomato soup with a sour cream heart! They finished their lunch off with some strawberries!

At snack time we had hot chocolate with (sort of) heart shaped marshmallows and a heart shaped cranberry muffin! Poor Tait was apalled by the taste of cranberries but Piper gobbled it up!

For supper we made a Valentine classic - heart shaped pizza!

For bible study that evening I made these mouth watering chocolate cupcakes with peanut butter butter cream icing! The fact that I found those adorable little V-day animal decorations at the grocery store made these even more exciting for me! You can find links to the recipes for these at this post!

Last of all I just have to tell you about this book I read to the girls this morning: Love, Splat. Its about this boy cat that is in love with this girl cat in his class named Kitten. He doesn't know if she likes him and is super nervous about giving her a Valentine that tells her he does. That day at school he faces some competition but don't worry - there is a happily ever after ending!

My fav line: "Kitten. She had snowy white paws and pea green eyes and Splat liked her more than fish sticks and ice cream."

Tomorrow I'll tell you all about how Matt made this one of the best Valentine's for me!

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