Monday, February 14, 2011

And it's not even Christmas!

So, I have mentioned before that I have an obsession with a store called Christmas Tree Shops.  But, don't let that name fool you.  Unless it's Christmastime, this store has nothing to do with Christmas.  It houses tons of stuff on the cheap.  If there is one in your area, go there.  You will thank me.

If you need more convincing, let me just show you some of the fun things you can find there. 

{Btw, this photo shoot comes to you courtesy of me not wanting to be in my house on Saturday night.  One word: dust.}

This is a whole wall of pastel dishware.  For under 5 bucks.  Even those precious cake stands on the bottom.

I love this egg crate.  For $1.69.  I bought this one to put my earring in.  Loves. 

I'm pretty sure I this picture because I was hungry.  Though the sugar-free variety does not really appeal to me.  

Oh my.  A whole wall of white dishes.  Even better than pastels. 

I love "o" wine glasses.  I should add this to my "teacher's must-haves" because we all need the occasional glass of pinot after a rough day in the classroom.  

And this glass pitcher (I'm sure there is a prettier name.  Help me out Dr. B!) is totally asking me to buy her and fill her full of fruity red sangria in a few short months.  Maybe when I have a let's-christen-the-new-kitchen party, I will invite y'all over for a glass or two.  

And coffee.  Served in this monogrammed mug.  Straight from the cabinets of my new kitchen.  

Okay, for reasons unbeknownst to me, they sell a lot of foreign foods.  Like Boland's Digestive Biscuits.  Which I have no intention of buying, but sound like they might be helpful in the event of, um, digestive issues?  For $1.99, they might be an interesting alternative to Tums.

Also, there's the Pump2Fit.  Also known as the generic version of the Shake Weight.  If you have never seen Ellen advertise this hilarious product, please go YouTube it.  You will thank me.  And, if you're interested, I can pick you up this knock-off for $4.49.  Must be a big seller. 

Of course, I can't escape without a few teacher buys.  Like egg cartons for $3.99.  That I had to jump really high to get.  See the empty space on the 4th shelf.  I totally jumped high enough to knock it off.  Twice.   

Here's an insta-center... 

 Math tools...

And art supplies...

Have you been to Christmas Tree Shops before?  Do you love it?! 

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