Saturday, February 5, 2011

Another Saturday night...

...and I ain't got nobody!

Couldn't help myself.  Had to finish the song :)

Today, I expected to wake up to 3 inches of snow.  Not so much.  But I was thankful.  Because our pantry needed stocking, less we all shovel spoonfuls of VegAll straight from the can into our hungry little mouths.  I'd probably be the only one shoveling, since I highly doubt my boys would subject themselves to such torture.  I, on the other hand, don't so much mind an occasional corn, potato, carrot, pea combo.

Anyway,  I finally made it to the grocery and dinner tonight was a little more than canned vegetables.  Instead it was an avocado and some organic burrito that was a buy one, get one kinda deal.  In my normal state of shopping, I'd never buy a pre-packaged burrito.  Well, maybe.  But not often.  However, in my we- have-no-kitchen state of shopping, prepackaged burritos were starting to sound a lot better than another bowl of cereal.  Or another Michelina's meal.  Or another turkey sandwich. 

But we are making progress.  I feel bad even saying "we." B is all over this kitchen thing, between being a stay-at-home dad by day and student by night.  I saunter into the kitchen as the Project Manager every now and then, and call out a Good job, honey!  or Wow!  Look at you screw in those outlet covers!  but I'm little more than the sideline cheerleader.  He's totally deserving of all the back-patting.

B spent part of the week painting the ceiling {who knew that ceiling paint turns from pink to white?!  I didn't!  I thought it was the coolest thing!}, and today he painted the walls.  Despite the fact that I dreamt the other night that I hated the paint color we picked out {it ended up being a disgusting hunter green in my dream}, I'm absolutely smitten with Metro Mist and its cool, soothing tones.  Due to night lighting, I couldn't snap a good shot, but the contrast between the white door frame and the wall helps a bit. 

I'm still shooting for our March 1st deadline, and {hopefully} and impending overnight snow storm on Sunday will produce a snow day and allow me help B install the floor.  {This going to school for 2 weeks straight with not one measly little snow day is for the birds!  Come on, Mother Nature, it's winter!}

Since our house is 12 kinds of chaotic right now, much of our life is crammed into our living room.  I spent all of naptime there today, hunched over the kitchen table, which is home to, well, everything right now.  It's collecting everything from tax documents (sending them off on Monday!  woo!), coupon clippings, Becks' Valentines, and week old newspapers are hiding beneath.  We do anything but actually eat there.  It's all part of the process, right? 

Welp, I'm off to lesson plan for the coming week - 100 Days, Valentines, and President's.  Cah-razy.  Dear God, please let it snow.  Several inches feet...

Happy Saturday!!! 

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