Saturday, February 26, 2011

As if the flu wasn't fun enough.

This morning, on Day 8 of a fever, we called the doctor and they told us to come in again.

As always, I expected to hear He's doing fine.  Just let it run its course and keep pumpin' him full of motrin and tylenol!  Then, as always they'd send us on our way.

But, no.  My sweet precious has pneumonia :(

His little lungs are a little rumbly.  Boo.

Don't be alarmed.  His spirits are good, and he's walking around right now with a plastic hanger wedged around his waist somehow.  His "basketball uniform," he explained. 

The doctor said to bring him back on Monday if he still has a fever.  And that scares me.  So, let's all pray that Zithromax zaps the bugs for good. 

Happy Satruday!

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