Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Back on Track!

It feels so good to be back on track! There is something so rejuvenating about getting housework done especially after its been on hold for a whole week! The tub is clean, the fridge is clean and guess what I made?!!!

Ta-da! Yup, this is my very own, homemade yogurt! And is it ever yummy! I'm gonna try it out on the kids tomorrow but I'm pretty positive they're going to love it!

I came across the 'recipe' at Granola Mom 4 God. Before that I had never realized you even could make it yourself without some kind of fancy appliance or something! Yay for another homemade snack success!

I am finding such a huge difference in my grocery bill by making most of the kids snacks! I still buy the occasional bag of Teddy Grahams or Goldfish if they are on sale but slowly we are getting away from the bagged and boxed stuff! Now if only I could buy my own cow and cut the cost of milk....hmmm, pretty sure Matt won't agree to that one!...yet! ;)

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