Thursday, February 17, 2011

Back to Blonde

I know it's only hair.  But, darnit, I just love mine so much better when it's blonde.  I did the dark(er) thing.  And I liked it okay.  My love for it, however, faded fast, taking with it the lowlites (which, if you weren't aware, fade really quick) and my self-esteem. 

So, while I'm getting ready in the morning for school, already lamenting over the fact how I have nothing to wear, the morning is further complicated by the fact that I spend a ridiculous amount of time trying to convince myself that I'm better off brunette-ish. 

Maybe if I wear it this way, it will look better... 

Maybe if I just trimmed my bangs, it will look better... 

Maybe if I lose 5 lbs, it will look better...

And then, this morning, in a weak moment I called, booked the appointment with Savannah, and told them to pencil me in for a blonde highlight. Eight hours later, I'm taking awkward self-photos to prove that blonde is oh so much better. At least on me :)

{TGIalmostF!  And a pay day!  Wahoo!}

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