Thursday, February 24, 2011

Boo on the flu.

Becks is still one sick puppy. 

But, thankfully, for the hour or so that his meds perk him up, he's a very pleasant - albeit pitiful - nasally little pumpkin. 

He looked at me as we were watching American Idol together a little bit ago (he loves it just as much as I) and said, lovingly, Mommy, you're pretty

And I just about melted into a big ol' pile of sappity sapparoo.  Then, he went on to comment that one of the contestants had fancy hair, and I debated his sense of style, but decided that his previous compliment still stood. 

For some reason, this pic helps me envision what he's going to look like in about 15 years.  Stay away, ladies!

So, when he's not cuddling or coughing, he's still amusing me with his pumpkinish presence.  And, eating green popsicles, of course.  The dinner choice of all those battling flu bugs.

And now y'all understand the green mouth in the previous pics ;)

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