Tuesday, February 1, 2011

It's Tuesday. And it's random.

1.  I woke up to a sheet of ice blanketing my car this morning.  I was for sure there was going to be a delay.  I stalked the internet for updates to closings/delays, watched the scrolling bar at the bottom of my TV screen for my county, and continuously checked my phone to make sure I didn't miss the call.  Nope.  Nada.  Nothing.  We had school all day today and my kids were cah-razy. 

2.  On that note, I really need Punxsutawney Phil to not see his shadow tomorrow.  I know about 24 firsties in desperate need of the warm weather to return so we can have outdoor recess again.  Better yet, I know countless teachers who could use it more.

3.  Becks is such a cutie.  I know he's mine and I'm completely biased, but this smile just melts my hearts like a s'more.  He's just as sweet, too :)

4.  My 10-year highschool reunion is this summer, so I'm totally okay to not focus on baby number two until after, say, August.  That will also get me through one more bathing suit season...

5.  The sweetest thing my husband did this week?  Picked up two 12-packs of Diet Coke.  Without being asked. 

6.  The kitchen remodel is...ridiculously...s-l-o-w.  {Note to my husband: I am not complaining.  Just acknowledging that DIY isn't a fast process.  And, I love you ;) }  On the upside, we've had outlets moved and added, and B is painting the ceiling.  On the downside, everything in the house is covered in a fine layer of drywall dust.  Achoo!

7.  So pumped for Teen Mom 2 tonight.  I'll just go ahead and say that Leah and Corey are by far my fav couple.  I'm really rooting for them.  And their twins are precious. 

8.  Is there anyone else who is floored that January is over?  I mean, really, 31 days of 2011 are gone.  Just like that!

9.  I'm pretty sure there are days at a time where all I drink is Diet Coke and/or coffee.  So. Not. Healthy.  It doesn't help that any water I want to drink at home right now has to come from the bathroom faucet which is barely big enough to fit a Dixie cup under.  Just making excuses...

10.  I just want to say a big old THANK YOU to those of you who have purchased something from me from my TpT store.  I am truly, truly, truly grateful.  In a gobzillion ways. 

The work week will be half-way over by tomorrow!  Wahoo!

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