Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Le sigh.

Do you Pink Lou Lou?  If you don't, you must.  Because she is one of my favorite blogging buddies.  And she's an IRL friend, too.  We're sorority sisses and former housemates at the Pi compound on Rose Street.  She can poof with the best of 'em, is completely gorgeous, writes about the funny, heartbreaking, and sweet, and she's met Carrie.  As in Underwood.  Anyway, she makes everything sound so much more fun, so much more French, so much more girlie and wonderful by adding le before everything.  And I le lurve her for it ;)

Really, the only point of that opening paragraph was to justify the title of this post and direct you to her blog because you will love it.  {My mom even said to me the other day - Who is Pink Lou Lou?  She is hilarious!}

I, on the other hand, am just letting out a big old huffy sigh today because I've just really been in a big huffy mood.  I was a little hard on my kiddos today...a little testy with my husband....a little short with Becks.  You know, one of those kind of days. 

The kind of day that is only made worse by the fact that your fat pants are really living up to their name and making you feel all the fatter.  And, what is worse, is that I really didn't consider them fat pants until I was slumped down in my desk chair at school, poppin' waffles pretzels and swiggin' my third Diet Coke when I realized the top button was unbuttoned.  Le blah.

But, there are a few happies for today.  Like the fact that we purchased our tile flooring last night {le yay!}.  Or that B and his dad are widening the doorway between the kitchen and dining room on Saturday {le dust!}.  Or that sweet Gladys at Teaching in High Heels wrote such kind words about me {merci beaucoup!}.  See?  Lots of good things on an otherwise blah-y kind of day. 

And, one other good thing: yesterday was the 100th Day of School { le summer!}.  Only 75 more to go! Eeeeeh!

And, thanks, Pink Lou Lou for letting me borrow your le for the night.  It actually does make things sound a lot more fun :)

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