Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Maple Syrup, Spilled Milk and My Knight in Shining Armour

Yesterday I promised to tell you about how my guy made my Valentine's Day so special. First, I must prefice this with an explanation of how my day went before he arrived on the scene...

This pretty much sums up my day:

Thats right - a maple syrup container with a hole in the lid.
Stabbed in the lid to be exact.
At 8:15am.
With 2 kids whining for syrup on their pancakes.
I will admit it was a pretty desparate move. The lid would not budge.

 But this was only the beginning...

Add to the equation teething baby girl who is a slobbery, drooly, emotional mess (and by emotional, I mean screaming at the top of her lungs all morning! If you know her, you know this is not normal!), a 3 year old who is recovering from a weekend sleepover and 'one of those days' - what do you get? Disasters left and right!!

Like Mama opening the fridge and the bag of milk falling out and emptying all over the floor. Preceded by Pipey-loo spilling her cup of milk all over the floor.

So lets relax and do craft.

Of course, the new package of paper will not be opened so again Mama grabs her multipurpose scissors and hacks away until the stinkin' packaging succumbs to her rage!

Craft time is lovely - especially the part where Tait sucks all the ink out of a marker.
For real.
The blue marker tip is now white.

Lets switch to something new.
Like pouring V-day confetti into a jar.
(How does Mama come up with these brilliant ideas?!)
Guess where all the confetti went?

No big deal because finally it is naptime!!
Whoo hoo!!
Should be a long one for Taitum with all this teething stuff happening, right?

That's OK snuggles on the couch are nice.
Until babes decides she's done with that and flops off the couch, banging her head on the floor.
Just when I thought the crying had come to an end...

Its nearing supper time and cupcakes and pizzas still need to be made.
Cleaning has been discarded for the day but with people coming over that night the bathroom needs a spit shine at the very least....

And you thought I had it all together!

Then arrrives my knight in shining armour. He truly saves the day. He charms me with the words, "What can I do to help?" All of a sudden my dishwasher is unloaded and reloaded, vegetables are being chopped and pizzas topped, kids are giggling and joining in with the process, dishes in the sink are being washed - I am in love!

I received no flowers, didn't get to dive into a whole box of chocolates or don a new piece of jewelry. No, what I got was far better. For Valentine's Day my hubby gave me help, support and encouragement. He eliminated the day's stress and put a smile on my face. He made me laugh at the craziness of my day as I tell him about all my (mis)adventures. For Valentine's Day I am reminded once again why I love this man so much.

"How are you feeling now?", he asks as we work away in the kitchen together. "So good, " I reply. "You are my sanity."

PS. I should also add that on the weekend he whisked me away to Country Lane Inn, our favorite B&B. Think private outdoor hot tub and amazing food. And no responsibilities. :)

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