Monday, February 28, 2011

Read with caution. This blog might be contagious.

I was really going to try to NOT post about illness, since every post I've written for the past week has pertained to germ bugs, but I don't think I can avoid it.  Mainly because I bought one of these little friends tonight...

My review: meh.  Personally, I can do with or without draining snot via a teapot.  

And, if you're looking for a way to get a really worried look from your 2-year-old, totally pour water out your nose right in front of him.  He kept rubbing the hand I was bracing on the sink saying, It's okay, mommy.  You're okay.  I kept having to explain that, though gross and disgusting, it did not hurt.

Besides providing me with an awkward mental image that will continue to humble me for years to come (because can you really can't be vain while looking in a mirror at yourself while water pours out a nostril), it provided only temporary relief and a salty after taste.  I couldn't avoid swallowing a little bit while I was laughing at the whole situation.

Also, I felt a bit like a magician.  Watch me as I magically pour water out my nose.  Oooh!  Ahhhh!

I imagine that if my sisters had been present, I would have not been able to accomplish the Neti Pot because I would either drown myself or laugh until I peed my pants.  {Note to Chels and Aubs: Let's have a Neti Pot pouring party next time we're all in town together.  It might be as fun as watching me try out the Medela breast pump for the first time.  Except less awkward.}

Happy Monday, friends!

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