Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentine Sweetheart!

Taitum joined in the Valentine fun with us this week, of course! She is such a willing participant it makes it easy to include her! It can be challenging too to keep up with some of the mess and busyness of a toddler but I think the enthusiasm she shows makes it more than worth it! 

Inspired by our Fisher Price Piggy Bank, Taitum spent lots of time this week with the Valentine pig! I found him in the sale bin at Michael's and the Valentine coins at the Dollarama. It was a bit more challenging for her since it is smaller than her FP piggy but she kept at it and is now very competant!

Tait made a doily heart shirt just like her sister.

She also dove into the Valentine's sensory box and we worked on a lot of sorting exercises.

Fingerpainting again and I'm happy to report that very little went in her mouth! ...A lot more went on my table, chairs and wall!!

Here she is putting stickers on the letter V. There is something lovely about watching the concentration a toddler puts into putting stickers onto a piece of paper! I love how her feet are crossed, too! I could just eat this kid up!

While Piper graphed with candy hearts, Taitum sorted them on this printable from Prekinders. She loved how they tasted but also loves to be a big girl and do school work too! So in the end she didn't really eat too many of them! (Mama was thankful!)

She got very excited every time she put a candy heart on the paper (whether it was on the matching color or not! :D)

She made a Valentine mailbox and was mesmerized by the glue! She just kept rubbing it together in her hands! It took a while to convince her to put the foam hearts on the glue!

Taitum also did this activity where she had to try and put the heart sticks into the holes of the jar. Very tricky! She got frustrated with this rather quickly...

Also, in this picture is our 'success' of the week. I say this somewhat sarcastically but let me explain...see the potty in the bottom right hand side of the pic and notice that my baby is not wearing any pants? Then remember how I while back I talked about early potty training? Well, we're still chugging along with that endevour by having diaper-less days! You see the problem is, despite having made sitting on the potty a positive thing for my little girl, she still doesn't get the pee in it part! She'll sit on the potty and have a jolly ol' time as I read her books and sing her songs. Then she stands up and pees beside the potty! AH! I know its a time thing. Part of training is being patient and giving them time to figure out the logistics of it all. I know she can hold it - she went all morning without a diaper and no accidents. Its just a matter of figuring out where to go and how in the world you sit and pee at the same time! Anyhow, time will tell if our diaper-less days pay off! If anything, I'm getting to spend lots of quality time with my little gal as I read and sing to her next to the potty!

And this week's challenge...ending activities. When it is time to be done painting or crafting or whatever we may be doing, this sweet one does not want to be done! Clean up has included a few mournful tears this week. Its a hard lesson to learn that all good things must come to an end! ;)

That's all for this week! Hope you have a lovely Valentine's Day! Be sure and check out what other parents are doing with their tots by clicking on the button below!

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