Thursday, February 3, 2011

What I Love About You, Piper

Oh, Piper Grey, there are so many things I love about you but for now, here are a few...

I love how you sit back and relax in your cushy chair while waiting for Mama to come get you in the mornings! The conversations I hear coming from your room are priceless!

I love how sweet you are to your little sister! It seems like you've been 'reading' to her from the moment she entered your life! Sure, you bicker the way sisters do but I know that you will be friends forever.

I love how you become obsessed with things for periods of time. Like braids (lately you need not just 1 but 2!)...

A donkey who you call 'Baby' and insist on dressing everyday...

And a purple purse that must accompany you everywhere!
(Did I mention your most recent passion, photography??)

I like how much you adore the outdoors! So much so that even on the coldest of weeks, I must bundle you all up and take you out even if we can only stand it for 25 minutes at the most!

I like how you greet me when I arrive home from getting groceries - like I'm a long lost friend! "Mama, I missed you!" followed by a bear hug!

I like how you say "Thank you so much!" and "Maybe someday!" when I tell you you can't have something you want.

I like how you hide under your blankets every night when you know I'm coming in to give you a kiss and giggle relentlessly when I find you!

I like how you say, "Aw! That's cute!" when Daddy gives me a hug or kiss.

The list could go on and on my sweet girl, but the point of the matter is - I'm crazy about you!

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