Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Why I {Heart} My Husband Reason #689

First of all, let's talk about how awesome it is that it's already Tuesday.  All day long, I kept thinking it was Monday, and then I'd get a little kick in my step when I'd realize we were 3/4 of the way through Tuesday.  Wahoo!  I vote that Monday becomes part of the weekend.  All in favor?

However, my little pumpkin is still sicky sick :(  The Tylenol-Motrin rotation is really becoming quite bothersome, and we're having to come up with the strangest bribes to get him to take his medicine.  Do you want a frozen pancake? Only if you take your medicine!  The good news?  He agreed!

He passed out on the couch today - this never happens!

Anyway, on to Reason #689 as to why I love my husband...

I should have bragged on him awhile ago when I mentioned that my Valentine gift was a little somethin' somethin' from Lisa Leonard Designs.  Then, a few of you asked about it when you saw it pictured in the post below.  So, here's the upclose pics...

Side #1

Side #2

And, here's the backstory...

B and I are big Dave Matthews Band fans.  Several of Dave's songs are "our" songs, most noteably Crash and 41.  We sing both to Becks before bed every night.  {Note: Not in a duet. That would be weird. We take turns putting him to bed each night.  I digress...} 

So, when you read each part of the necklace together, it says You and me together we can do anything.  Which are the lyrics to You and Me from his latest album. 

When I wear the necklace, the umbrella and sunshine show (thus hiding the "you and me" and "together"), along with "we can do anything."  When B gave me the necklace he explained that the umbrella and sunshine mean "in rain or shine." 

Isn't that the cutest?!  Love you, B!!!

{B designed this necklace by selecting the pieces and phrasing.  You can do the same at Lisa Leonard Designs.  This is my 2nd necklace from her and I looooove both of them.  They're my go-to necklaces and they match everyting.  Check her out!!!}

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