Sunday, February 13, 2011

Would you like dust with that?

Omiword, y'all.  I am living the Dust Bowl here in Casa Babbling.  It's reached the point of unbearable.  As in, I would rather be at school than at home.  At least it's organized there - a place for everything, and everything in it's place.  For the most part.  As I said, there's still the occasional plastic jack-o-lantern-in-the-filing-cabinet issue.  It's not dusty there either. 

Becks and I have escaped to my classroom for the past two days since there's been a lot of kitchen remodeling going on.  This morning, I ate breakfast there - 2 chocolate turtles and a Dixie cup of cheddar popcorn.  Both remnants of our Valentine party on Friday.  Also, super healthy.  Becks had his fill, too. 

And, though I can be somewhat productive when Becks is with me, I use that term loosely since I spend a lot of time trying to figure out either how to keep him occupied or picking up after him.  If he wasn't scribbling on my white board, then he was getting drinks from the water fountain right outside my door or dumping the entire bowl of bingo chips on the floor.  And when I got the brilliant idea to let him play in shaving cream on top of a desk, he was literally occupied for under three minutes.  Fail.

But, he was good company.  Good, cute company.  And it beats trying to contain him in the very small, livable space in our house. 

Okay.  So.  Kitchen updates.

Well, I decided I hated the paint color.  The one I showed you earlier this week.  It was too green for me.  So we can't cross that off the list just yet.  Back to a blue-gray color that was initially the color in my heart.  Always go with your heart. 

But we can cross off widen doorway.  Which was on the list.  But way at the bottom.  Erased.  Because it seemed like a lot of work, as it is a load-bearing wall and all.   And maybe something we'd do post remodel, in a few years.  But my father-in-law {who is a real-life Handy Manny} convinced us it was wise to widen it way before we did anything else.  Because it was going to be dusty and a lot easier before the floor and everything else was added and fixed in place.  Turns out he was right.  And he met my This better be done before the weekend is over! deadline.  I'm a very harsh Project Manager/Remodeling Paparazzi. 



Looking from the dining room into the kitchen.
Looking from the far wall in the kitchen into the dining room.

Obviously, there is still work to be done.  But our house isn't going to cave in, so that's good.  It involved metal pipe supports and reciprocating saws and dust.  Lots and lots of dust.  Did I mention the dust?

I hope your weekend was spectacular, and maybe involved fried ice cream at your favorite Mexican restaurant.

And, more importantly, was dust free :)

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