Sunday, March 13, 2011

About the weekend...

Wow.  It's amazing how much better life is when the sun is shining, your home is finally germ free, and you are literally up to your knees in pre-finished hardwood.  {Do you see the knees I'm talking about?}

So, about this weekend...

- I woke up to this darling little bedheaded boy.

- I didn't go to school once.

We almost missed church due to the time change.  But then we made it in record time.  And I wore my UK shirt proudly - with jeans and Ugg boots.  {When you're certain you're going to take home the SEC title - as I was - then it is entirely okay to wear such a thing to church.}

- We spent a glorious morning at the park with my sister and her family.  I can't believe how big they're all getting. 

- B had beadhead and he wasn't even in his bed.

- Becks played outside, for about an hour, holding the halves of his fruit bar.  He didn't take one single bite or put them down.  Even when he was investigating a problem with his lawnmower.

- I went to Trader Joe's.  And fell in love.  It's not close to us, but I needed to escape get out of the house for a bit and grocery shop, so Becks and I made the trek.  Their salsa alone was oh so worth it.  After eating it with about half-a-bag of their Soy & Flax Seed chips, I just about broke out a straw to eat the rest.  SO STINKIN' GOOD.  Mmmmmmm.

- I also had a Diet Coke.  Which tastes totally yummy with the aforementioned chips and salsa.  I'm fairly certain it will be on tap in Heaven someday.

- I haven't cleaned my bedroom.  Yet.  It's on the agenda.  I'm just not sure when.  Straightening up the living room to livable condition was a feat in itself.

- Here's the pre-hardwood floor picture.  I hope {no, pray} that I will be able to update this post later with a finished product to share!

And a different perspective of the room shown earlier {same sexy knees}.  I'm telling you, this kitchen-remodel has taken over every room of the house.  And occupies a large part of my nerves, too.  If you need to strengthen your marriage to truly realize you can doing anything together, remodel a kitchen.

I hope your weekend was fulfilling and *12 kinds* of lovely! 

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