Friday, March 4, 2011

Fish and Five Senses!

With it being the week before March Break for us, I decided to plan to work on a letter that Piper already knows - 'F'. She knew it simply because every day of Februray we talked about what letter the month started with when we did our calendar time. I figured it wouldn't take her long to catch on to the phonetic sound so a week would be more than enough time to concentrate on it. I chose 'fish' as our theme and pulled it all together rather quickly. In the end, this week turned out to be very successful despite how fast I threw it together!

So here it is: Letter 'F' and the cut and collage printable that we do for each new letter.

Piper didn't know what our new theme was going to be so I left a 'F' is for fish puzzle on the table for her to do Monday morning while I got breakfast ready. In order to discover what the theme was, she had to complete the puzzle!

Piper also spent lots of time tracing the letter 'F'. I kept this printable out on the table for her to whenever she wanted. She loves these tracing sheets so I found her working on it frequently!

We had some fun with waterplay. Piper especially like going fishing with a set I found at the dollar store as well as playing with foam soap!

She did a Do-A-Dot letter 'F' sheet...

And filled in the letter 'F' with foam fish stickers!

Piper counted Goldfish for each of these fish number cards....

And did some bubble wrap painting on a fish bowl!

She also did this letter poking activity, an idea I got from Confessions of a Homeschooler. I simply drew out the letter 'F' for her and placed the paper of some craft foam. Then I showed her how to poke little holes in the paper using a tack! She was very intent on making sure she made the pokes on the line and not outside of it!

Learning about the letter 'F' and fish was a lot of fun! We also watched 'Finding Nemo' and went to the pet store to check out the fish there!

The highlight of our week, though, was finishing up learning about the 5 senses! Piper LOVED all the activities we did and was dicussing her 5 senses with me all week long! She also took upon herself the task of teaching her sister all that she had learned which was pretty cute!

Continuing on the sense of touch, we made a texture collage.

Then, we moved on to the sense of taste. Piper did a taste test of things that were sweet, salty, sour and bitter. I was low on groceries so chose to go with ingredients rather than foods for our taste test. She had to taste salt, sugar, lemon juice and bittersweet chocolate and identify what taste they were. She enjoyed doing this so much! And even knew what they all were! The face she made when she tried the lemon juice was priceless!

We also did pudding paintings for the sense of taste. As you might imagine, it was a big hit! There was way more tasting than painting going on though!

While cleaning Taitum up, I turned around to catch Piper doing this! Haha! Needless to say these paintings ARE NOT going in their scrapbooks!

For the sense of hearing we played musical instruments, danced to music and Daddy attempted to play a whistle game much like hide and go seek, except the person hiding blows a whistle so the seekers can follow the sound to find the person. That part didn't go over very well. Piper got scared of the sound of the whistle (or rather the whole scenario) and started crying. Then Tait started crying because her sister was. Game over! :)

For the sense of smell, we did Koolaid paintings. You simply sprinkle some of the powder on a piece of paper, dip your brush in water and paint away! The orange was vibrant and pretty, the purple rather ugly. But the smell was delicious!

We also did a smell test where Piper smelled containers with onion, coffee, bubble gum and banana in them and had to identify what it was!

Finally, we made this 5 senses mini book from Homeschool Share. Piper cut out pictures from a magazine of the body parts we use for our 5 senses and then glued them to the corresponding page. She was delighted with the result: her own book she made and can 'read'!

We also did some random activities:

A friend gave us some lapbooks she had put together. Piper worked on this one - a sunny alphabet match!

I also made her this printable so she could practice writing her name. I figured she'd enjoy it since she is forever asking me to write her name out for her so she can copy it. She did like it but...

Especially liked being able to make her own doodles! Which is OK too of course! She's really starting to enjoy drawing her own pictures and designs!

After playing outside one day, we brought in some snow to see what would happen to it. It was a good chance to explain what was going to happen to all the snow in the spring and to take a look at all the impurities found in snow (at which point I injected an expalnation as to why its not a good idea to eat the snow off the driveway!! Or off the bottom of peoples boots, in Taitum's case!!)

That's our week! A busy, jam packed one but a wonderful way to end the harsh, winter months and head into a relaxing break! We're looking forward to a trip out of town and a few lazy days! 

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