Sunday, March 27, 2011

Good, Better, Best!

Hey, ya'll! This post is full of !!!!! so be prepared!!! {see?!} The good news is that we have a functioning range, microwave, and knobs on drawers and cabinets!
Our first dinner - if you can call it that - cooked on our stove since December!!!

Our dinner choice?

Grilled cheese!  It had to stay simple since the kitchen is not fully functioning.  No dishwasher or sink means no-mess meals for now.  Anything's better than boxed, I'll tell you that much!
The better news is that I finally picked out some countertops, and the Depot was running a 10% off countertops special, combined with a free upgraded edge, and a free sink!  Sign me up!  {We really hemmed and hawed about choosing a countertop, and up until yesterday we were going to go with stock coutertop.  So glad we didn't!  I love what we chose!}

I went with Platinum by Corian.  We also got a *free* Glacier White seamless Corian sink.  Perfect for sweeping crumbs directly into from my new counters! {It's amazing what things thrill me these days!}
And the *best* news is that UK is going to the Final Four!!!  So stinkin' excited!  I even woke up early to wash all our UK garb so that we could re-wear the exact outfits we wore when they won on Friday night to OSU!  My throat is raw from screaming! {There is other *best* news but I don't want to go blabbing about it on the internet until someone (cough, Dr.B, cough) says I can!}

GO CATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

The *worst* news is that BLogger is MAJORLY sucking it up right now.  Picture uploading is NUTSO!  I apologize for any ridiculously large page breaks/spacing.  It's not my fault!!! 

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