Thursday, March 17, 2011

Green!...and Red.

There's nothing like a special occasion to do some fun food things! So for St. Patrick's Day we....

Ate our favorite pancakes topped with green whipping cream! And, green milk to drink, of course!

Then enjoyed a delicious fruit rainbow for snack (doesn't it just make you smile?!).

Lunch was Piper's favorite: mini pizzas but topped with olive shamrocks and a side of edamame! (She ate the olives first, then the cheese, then the turkey pepperoni and finally the english muffin. Its a step-by-step process!)

Dessert that evening: Leprechaun Bites! It was this recipe except I couldn't get the dough to roll out for me so I improvised. They were very yummy (I am partial to mint and chocolate!)

But the BEST thing about St. Patrick's Day was...

my little leprechaun baby...

And my little non-conformist! ("Me no wear green! Me wear red!")

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