Thursday, March 31, 2011

Our First Field Trip!

Today our family went on our first field trip! You see, when my good friend, Amy, heard we were doing a farm theme, she offered us a tour of their farm! I was so very excited to take the kids to see exactly where milk comes from! (Ok, ok, I'll admit - I was curious too!) Top that off with a chance to visit with this sweet family and I was over the moon about the chance to venture into the country! 

We couldn't have picked a more beautiful day! After Matt gave us a little tour of his ol' stomping grounds on our drive up, we arrived to a very delicious welcome!

We were treated to some maple syrup candy! Mmmmm! So good!

As you can see, the girls were very pleased with this snack!

Then we went to see the cows! They all had different, interesting names which we enjoyed reading from their tags (or maybe that was just me?! In any case, I may have found the perfect name for a little boy should we ever have one! ...No, Amy, its not 'Exile'! Haha!)

Taitum was not the least bit scared of them and almost got licked by one! (I squealed from the shock of how long a cow's tongue is! Tait, on the other hand, didn't flinch!)

Pipey really liked the baby cow!

We got to watch them being milked! Pretty cool stuff! (Poor city girl Piper mistaked the cow's teats for more...masculine...body parts...eehehehe!)

They even got to have their fingers suctioned in the milking equipement! As usual, Piper refused but Tait loved it!

We also got to see where all the milk went to! Such a neat process! 
So there, girls! Now you know!

 I must admit though - the highlight of the trip for Piper was the social time with Amy and Joel's sweet girls! But really, who can blame her? The opportunity to run around in wide open spaces, build castles from cow feed and throw hay in each others faces is priceless when you're 3!

Thanks, Amy and Joel, for letting us explore your farm! We had such a great time!

Amy is a fellow blogger! You should check out her blog, The Great Escape!

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