Thursday, March 31, 2011

Our life in motion.

So I know that you guys have been wanting to see some videos.  Here they are.  But don't get too excited- this little monkey usually shuts down when he sees me pull out the camera.  He definitely knows when I'm filming and doesn't want to perform.  But these are just a few short little clips of what our daily life consists of (well, when he's standing up, at least:) 

This is something he actually just did today.  He was making a "pig" noise with his trach and "wrinkling" his nose with his finger :)


This is hilarious.  It's the sign language he knows that we put together in a sentence.  
"I'm gonna read a book about poo-pooing in the potty.  And I need help"
haha... don't judge- it's cute and you know it.


Finally caught a VERY short clip of him "holding his breath" :) He's so funny.


My Uncle Ray makes this child laugh and smile like no other.  
As soon as he hears his voice at the door, he pops up and wants to play.  



Also, Tripp got the pleasure of meeing Meghan Linsey from the hottest new duo Steel Magnolia (who are nominated for two ACM (Academy of Country Music) awards this Sunday:)  Meghan is from Ponchatoula also.  We went to high school together and then she moved to Nashville right after high school to pursue her music career.  And boy did she succeed!  She and her boyfriend, Josh won on the CMT show "Can you Duet?"  Well, anyway, I'm sure you all know the rest... since then they've had quite a few hit singles :) They are awesome.  I didn't get to meet Josh... but I was so touched that Meghan took time out of her crazy schedule to stop by and visit.  Especially since we haven't seen or spoken to each other since high school.  She came with my awesome friend Brittany and her adorable little man Carter- check out those beautiful eyes.  This picture does them no justice!!
 But Tripp wasn't having it!! :)


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