Sunday, March 27, 2011

Tag Along Tait

I ended up not getting to do very many specific Tot School activities with Taitum this week but she was more than happy to tag along with everything that we did do! I've learned to not sweat it when things just don't work out to be able to do many Tot School things since my happy-go-lucky little girl is content to participate in anything and everything! I've also learned that often tot times happen spur of the moment and its usually her idea!

Like this feather in the jar activity...
She made a rooster craft like her sister (although I failed to get a picture of her creating it!) but was done rather quickly. She began playing with the feathers that were all over the table - lifting them up and letting them drop. Eventually I grabbed a jar that was near by and she happily dropped them into the jar until craft time was done!

She was very careful to not drop her egg during our egg and spoon races! Of course, this meant she walked very slowly down the hall and didn't win a single race but she didn't care! She was far too concentrated on balancing that egg!

She 'helped' Piper bake cookies - mostly by tasting the brown sugar and the butter and the raisins! Its a hard job but somebody has got to do it!

She made a cute little chick, too! She adores painting and ended up painting more of the newspaper than the styrofoam balls! When it was time to glue the eyes, beak and wings on, I helped her out a lot since she still loves putting everything in her mouth and the last thing I need in the run of my week is a trip to the ER because of a swallowed googly eye!!

Taitum is also a huge fan of working out! She joins me daily and does the cutest little push ups and jumping jacks but her all time favorite is strength training with the hand weights! Hehehe!

Tait was pro at this spooning activity! It was her idea to stick Snow White in the bowl and make the pasta rain down over her!

My favorite moment of the week was this one:
Tait got all dressed up for a visit from Boppa and cousin Emile with the help of her big sister...

They couldn't decide which shirt looked best and so, Tait wore all 3 of them!

I love my girls!

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