Thursday, March 3, 2011


While being home sick is no fun at all, it does have its perks.  Like being able to get Becks up and spend some time with him before he left for school.

He has, quite possibly, the best bedhead ever.  I like to call it little boy hair.  I think B looks cute with little boy hair sometimes, too ;)

So, he ate his waffle, all snuggled up to me.   Then, had a heart-to-heart with Gigi.

When he got home from school, he proudly displayed his Cat in the Hat hat he decorated.  Only, he wore it backwards and more or less resembled Cheif Catinthehat instead.  Cute nonetheless :)

* * * * * * * * * * *

It's probably not important to you that I'm posting a picture of my dinner.  But, one day, when I'm eating homemade tomato soup from the stove in my new kitchen, I will take a second to remember how it was so worth months of microwaved meals.  And then I will kiss my stove and dishwasher and kitchen sink and remember the day when I was eating microwaved tomato soup on a child-sized chair from IKEA on the floor in my living room. {I thought it might look more appealing if it was in black and white - but, no - it still looks like microwaved tomato soup with oyster crackers.  To me at least.}  Also, I've never made homemade tomato soup in my life, but I'm totally going to when the kitchen is done.  Just because I can. 

Tomorrow's Friday, I'm feeling better, and the weekend is less than 24 hours away.  LOVE IT.

Could Spring Break just puh-lease get here?!

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