Friday, March 25, 2011

With A Cluck, Cluck Here....

This week we finally got more into our farm theme although we ended up mostly concentrating on chickens since Piper was just so interested in them! We also worked on the letter C (for cow or chicken!) and overall had a really great week together!

The letter C cut and collage (we added the cow to the printable).

We used many printables from Musings of Me's Farm Fun Pack including this one! Piper traced the word then went to the fridge and found the correct magnet letters to make the word! She LOVED this!

Piper stamped the letter C.

And pin poked it too!

She made letters in flour with her finger.

Here's letter C!

The most fun though was getting to vaccuum it all up!!
(Thanks to hands on : as we grow for the great idea!)

She also added the correct number of clothespin to each number card.

With the farmyard jumble (from Musings of Me) she found each letter that I called out and covered it with a stone.

She played with her farmhouse a lot!

One day she made a chick out of styrofoam balls attached with a toothpick.

Aren't they so cute?!

The girls had an egg and spoon race with plastic play-doh eggs!

Then cracked open the eggs and made little nests with mini eggs in them!

Piper made her own batch of cookies this week, too! She got all the ingredients out herself, measured and stirred, arranged them on the cookie sheet and popped them in the oven! She was very proud of herself and excited to share them with Boppa and cousin Emile when they came for a playdate! (It was a super good recipe too! You should try it!)

And their indoor picnic together was a success! Cousin Emile couldn't get enough of those yummy cookies!

Another day, Piper made a rooster!

She also planted a bean in a cup with damp paper towels so we could watch it grow! I wasn't sure this would work but...

A few days later, this is what we saw!!

That's a wrap for this week! Next week we'll hopefully get around to all the other animals that live on the farm!

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