Saturday, April 30, 2011


The warm breeze blows
Blonde hair from the little girl beside me tickles my cheek
Bare toes wiggle, glad for the freedom
I think of the first time I ever saw those toes
And how I counted them over and over again

Contented quietness surrounds us
Due in part to the eagerness to consume sweet, milky goodness
Ice cream kisses are given at intervals from the one who can't sit still
Dancing to the tune of the neighbor's guitar
As if this moment had a sound track

Knobbly knees stick out, covered in dirt
(When did all the baby fat disappear?!)
Legs bent in that perfect cross legged way
Her shoulder is pressed against mine
In the most familiar and trusting of gestures

My other inheritance watches intently
Sparkling eyes peeking out over the top of her sunny day treat
Following, internalizing, absorbing
Learning the rhythm and rhyme of relationship
Waiting until it can be tested in her own unique style

Bits of chocolate drop to the deck floor
Only to be snapped up and enjoyed
Five second rules don't exist yet
Because there is nothing to fear
No reason for worry

Cones are tapped together
An exuberant 'Cheers!'
Repeated over and over again
Such is the overflow of the happiness that fills them
Easily found and quickly displayed

Giggles break out when a reflection is spotted
Sticky faces laugh at the sight they find in the basement window
There is joy in what they see
Full acceptance of all that they are
Golden curls and blue-eyed shine

A spider appears
Curiousity rises as heads are dipped down low, searching
In the background, anxiety is kept in check
Ever guarding
Protecting from the incongruency of adulthood

But sit and watch and see
In this peaceful, treasured oasis
All these things are tucked away in a mother's heart
The way they were meant to be
Sacred and secure

Every thing that has been left undone
All the wondering of how it will all work out
Each concern of all that I lack
And the ways that I fail

In these slow and precious moments
My life is perfect
And my heart is full
This is my adventure
This is my joy
I'm exacly where I'm supposed to be

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